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Package « Administrative Support »

This offer includes following services :

  • Full mail handling

We collect your mails, sort your incoming correspondences and reply to them. We also take care of dropping your mails off at the Post Office.

  • Invoice management & Payment with budget tracking

We establish monthly forecasted budgets and validate them with you. We take care of tracking it. We collect your invoices, prepare them, enter them in the budget and handle their payments.

  • Administrative procedures management

We take care of all your administrative procedures. We fill the forms, collect supporting documents and assemble the package.  

  • Letter drafting

We draft and translate all your correspondences to French or English.

  • Appointment management

We take care of appointment scheduling, modification and cancellation.

  • Service provider - Research & Coordination

We search and propose service providers who best meet your needs such as housekeeper, plumber, etc. We coordinate their interventions and handle their payments.

This package commits you to a minimum of 6 months. Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions

500.- CHF/month