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Your days are already well packed ?

We are constantly juggling between work, family, leisure time and our administrative tasks. Taking everything on at once sometimes means we neglect the small things which often turn out to be very important unfortunately.

Don’t struggle anymore… GESTA Particulier is here to ease your mind and to help you deal with your daily administrative requirements and personal projects. In other words, free up times for YOU!


GESTA Particulier is an individually owned firm that is committed to helping ease your cumbersome tasks and to assist you throughout your personal projects.

You are drowning under administrative processes, reminders or delinquency charges?

You would like to move to Geneva or become cross-boarders, but all those administrative processes do frighten you? We are the answer to your problems.

GESTA Particulier is an experience, a quality, an accessibility and qualified professionalism!


GESTA Particulier is right by your sides every day and throughout all your administrative processes and personal projects.
We offer you a solution tailored to your needs. Contact us and we will assess together how to better address your expectations.

Administrative procedures

We collect all supporting documents necessary, assembling the package of required documents and we go to the different administrative institutions (Office of Population and Migrations, Real estate, Town hall, Embassy, Bank…).


We take charge of entire mailing management (receiving, classifying/archiving, processing and sending), as well as management & billing settlement with refund monitoring, drafting of administrative correspondence and scheduling appointments.

Project management

GESTA Particulier is accompanying you on all your projects; move as well as event organization, expatriation or even summer camp research for your children. We take care of all administrative and official procedures.